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Is your high school graduate heading to Frostburg State in the fall? We have lots of great graduation presents for them! FSU Bookstore Gift Certificates make terrific graduation presents and may be purchased in various denominations. Frostburg State apparel items, Frostburg State decals & pennants, and Frostburg State glassware & mugs, also make great gifts. Check out all of our Frostburg State Gift items to find the perfect gift for your future Frostburg State student! We try to carry everything that you will need to be academically successful during your time at Frostburg. And we carry products that are just meant to make your life easier, to entertain you, or to help you relax. We also try to provide services to make your life easier. As always, if you have suggestions for products that you'd like us to carry or services you'd like us to provide, please let us know. For your convenience the FSU Bookstore accepts cash, traveler's checks, personal checks, and credit cards (MasterCard, Visa and Discover). We also accept Bobcat Express the convenient easy way to make cashless purchases all over campus and approximately a dozen places off campus.


The FSU Bookstore is located in the lower level of Lane College Center. The Lane Center is the only yellow/brown brick building on campus, centrally located near the clock tower.


Our regular hours are: Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:15 p.m. Sunday hours the day before classes begin and many selected Saturdays during the semester. We're open extended hours during fall and spring book rushes.


Please feel free to call (301 687 4341) or e-mail ( if you don't see what you're looking for here on our web site at


Read about your FSU Bookstore Staff--who we are, what we do, and how to reach us. Learn about all of the products & services we provide. Learn all about textbooks, computer products, bed & bath products, room accessories, care packages & balloons, and even some suggested reading for students AND parents. Check out the FSU Bookstore's payment options Discover our technology e-store where, among other things, you can purchase Microsoft Office starting at only $79.98 (pricing is for Frostburg students, faculty, and staff, only)! And, finally, discover the amazing options for designing your own apparel via our Frostburg custom apparel site. If you can think of any questions we haven't already answered, just call or send an e-mail message.

The FSU Bookstore carries required textbooks and supplies, reference materials, a selection of general interest and leisure reading material such as magazines and local authors, computer software & peripherals, electronic items, such as batteries, previously viewed DVDs, Frostburg State memorabilia, imprinted clothing & gifts, greeting cards, snack foods & cold beverages, room accessories, health & beauty aids, laundry & cleaning supplies, general, every day gifts.. We like to think we have everything you might need.

Discounted Software.
Frostburg State students can get unbelievable discounts on software. For example, as you read this, Microsoft Office Professional is only $79.98! (Prices subject to change) Just follow the link on our home page discounted MS Software. Through a special arrangement between the University System of Maryland and Microsoft, the FSU Bookstore can provide you with unbelievable prices on software.

Custom Apparel. We struggled for years to have everything you might want-sport shirts, apparel for academic departments, classes, etc. But we couldn't have it all-until now! Check out the link that is Customized FSU Apparel

Stamps. We sell postage stamps at face value-either full books of 20 or single first class stamps.

Special Orders. We offer special order services for textbooks, supplies, computer products. Games for WII, PS3 and X-Box 360 can be special ordered as well. All games are sold at competitive prices and we can usually have them here next day.

Shipping Services. We off shipping services for any package you want to ship to anywhere. The cost of the service is just what the shipping cost is as calculated by UPS World-Wide ground rates plus $2.50 for a handling and packaging charge.

Student Book Buy Back. Four times during year (2 major and 2 lesser) there are Student Book Buy Backs. The two major Book Buy Backs are held during the last two weeks of the semester. Usually from 9am till 4 pm daily and usually they are held in three different locations. One in the FSU Bookstore, another in the Bobcat Store on Main Street and the third location in the Center Street Parking lot.

Graduation Fair. Each semester, the FSU Bookstores invites eligible seniors to attend the "Grad Fair" where they can order their free Cap & Gown. They are given the opportunity order Personalized Graduation Announcements and Balfour Class Rings. Departments representing Career Services, the Graduate School and the Alumni Association are available for seniors to speak with. It's fun and a way for seniors to take care of all their graduation needs in one location and at one time. Best part is the there are light refreshments as well as lots of nice free drawings for great gifts.

The FSU Bookstore has a full service online store that stocks all the new and used textbooks that are in the physical store conveniently located on the campus, plus approximately 1000 apparel, alumni gifts and gift cards that can be purchased completely secured. For your convenience our online store accepts Visa, MasterCard and Discover (Novus network) forms of payment.

Processing Time. We attempt to ship your order the day you place it. Sometimes it will be shipped the next day. Weekend orders are processed and shipped on Mondays.

How we Ship. We will ship your order via UPS Ground. Packages generally take 2-3 days to reach an address in the continental U.S.

Shipping Rates Our shipping charges for the Continental U.S. are as follows:
Orders of $50.00 or less--$8.95
Orders of $50.01 to $150.00--$12.95
Orders of $150.01 to $300.00--$15.95
Orders of $300.01 or over--$19.95

Foreign Addresses. We cannot ship to APO's FPO's or other foreign addresses

We belong to three buying groups, New England Buying Consortium, Connect-to-One and Inter-Collegiate Buying Association so we have the buying power of large chain stores. But we're answerable to our campus community-not to a corporate office. So you'll find that we have what you need, when you need it, at very competitive prices. Because we are owned and operated by Frostburg State University (and not some large, for-profit corporation), our goal is to control textbook costs. We do that with the cooperation of the Faculty and by offering about 45% of our textbooks used. So don't believe everything you read at the other on-line book sites-they aren't necessarily "cheaper". There are two big advantages for shopping with us. First, one-stop shopping with us (here on our web site or in the store) gives you WHAT you need, WHEN you need it, at COMPETITIVE PRICES, from PEOPLE YOU KNOW (or will soon know!). You'll be assured that you'll have the correct editions of the books you need when you purchase from us. And, if you have to return a book, we'll give you your refund on the spot. You can save shipping charges by picking up your order or, if you prefer, we can ship your order to you. Remember, before you buy elsewhere, check with us!

The FSU Bookstore staff is a small, dedicated group. We encourage you to stop by to visit us any time you are in the area. The Bookstore Staff strives to provide quality products at competitive prices in a friendly environment. We work very hard to deserve your patronage! Feel free to call if you want to be sure that the person you seek will be available. Here is a little bit about each of us:

Ken Emerick is our Textbook Manager. He has been with the store for 3 years. During the time Ken has spent with the FSU Bookstore, he has helped us stock a high percentage of "used" textbooks which is a great help in reducing the overall costs of textbooks. Each semester he has been able to have about 45% of the textbooks available as used textbooks. Questions about textbooks can be directed to him by phoning (301) 687 4880.

Rachel Farris is our Administrative Assistant. She is the pleasant voice you normally hear when you call the main line. Rachel has also been a dedicated FSU Bookstore employee for 3 years. She is the trouble shooter and has the knowledge to answer just about any question that has been asked of her. Rachel is a wife, a mother and a student pursuing a business degree. Her talents are many, just call her and test her at (301) 687 4341.

Scott Sherman has been our Operations Manager. Those duties include being the buyer for the store and he has done that for the last 4 years. He is responsible for buying for all departments within the store with the exception of textbooks. He has a knack for eyeing and buying smart graphics on our apparel. He has offered up many good ideas in the merchandising of our store. To place a special order for a PS3 game or to order apparel for you group call Scott at (301) 687 4878.

John Miller is our Shipping and Receiving Manager. John's primary duty is to receive all the textbooks and other merchandise that comes to the FSU Bookstore for resale. He also makes sure that all the web orders are packed and shipped out with care and expediency. John as been at the University for, let's say "a while" but has been in the Bookstore for about the last 10 years. Shipping concerns can be handled by John at (301) 687 4877.

Chris Minnick and Michelle Raley are the forces in the Accounting Office and are responsible for depositing the funds and paying the bills respectively. Both are dependable and the store is so well off having dedicated employees. Chris has been with the FSU Bookstore for about 15 years and was our cashier prior to moving to the Accounting Office. Michelle is the newest member of our staff. Michelle joined the FSU Bookstore just about one year ago. She is a fast learner. She makes sure invoices are paid in the right amount and in the right amount of time. They can be reached by phoning (301) 687 4342 for Chris and (301) 687 4214 for Michelle.

Mary Winters and Debbie Bolyard are the two cashiers who greet customers and smile behind the cash registers. Mary works full time and Debbie is here generally over the busy times of the day. Both are accurate, friendly and very helpful to the store. They both help keep the store neat by folding and folding and folding t-shirts to offering customer service as customers need to know just about everything that happens on the campus. Either can be reached by calling (301) 687 4341.

Danny Shaffer, CCR is the Director of the Bookstore. He has worked at the University for many years before being appointed as the Director about 14 years ago. Dan is responsible for all aspects of the web site from processing orders to keeping it up-dated as well as being responsible for the day-to-day operations of the FSU Bookstore. He has been an active member of the Middle Atlantic College Stores Association, a regional association of college/university books stores and vendors who support them. Dan is looking forward to the challenge of moving into temporary quarters while the FSU Bookstore is expanded and renovated. He can be reached by phone at (301) 687 4065.

The FSU Bookstore is proud to say that we are members of the National Association of College Stores, the Middle Atlantic Colleges Stores Association, the National Association of College Auxiliary Services and the National Association of Campus Card Users. All of the associations promote networking opportunities and professional development.
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