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Please allow at least 24 business hours for your textbook order to be processed.
*Please read the "Ordering Notes" below before placing your textbook order*

Ordering Notes:

1. Summer and Fall Semester textbooks will be posted starting MAY 1 and updated daily.

2. Winter and Spring semester textbooks will be posted starting NOVEMBER 1 and updated daily.

1. Fall and Spring semester textbook orders will be processed approximately 2 weeks before the start of each semester. Actual dates will be attached to your order confirmation email.

3. New or Used. Please select New or Used when choosing your books. We will make every attempt to fill your order with the type of book (new or used) you requested. Should that type be unavailable, we will substitute that type with the type we have in stock. (Note that this may cause your sales total to increase or decrease, depending on the substitution).

4. If a class has texts listed as "Choice of Books", this means that you only have to choose 1(one) of the books that say "Choice of Books". They are the same book, but offered in different bindings.

5. If a class has texts listed as "Bundle" and then "Included in Bundle", you can either pick the "Bundle" text only, which will include all of the parts that you need, or choose any of the "Included in Bundle" books that you want to purchase. Do NOT order "Bundle" & "Included in Bundle" books together. This will result in a double order.

6. Online Access Codes are only available in NEW Textbooks. Used copies DO NOT have the code included. If you need the code, you must purchase a NEW textbook.

7. Availability of used books is on a first come, first serve basis and is not guaranteed. New books will be provided if used are not available. If you do not want anything substituted, please choose the option for "No Substitutions" when checking out and books only available New will then be canceled from the order.

8. Textbooks not available at the time of your order will be put on backorder and charged to you when they are restocked and you will receive an automatic notification.

9. Rental textbooks are available in limited quantities which vary per title. If a textbook that you want to rent has hit its limit, we will simply not fill that order. You will have to re-order and purchase the title.

10. Access Codes are not gauranteed inside of rental books. If you are certain that you need an access code with a book, we suggest that you do not rent that particular title.

The University Store cannot and will not be held responsible for any issue regarding a purchase related to any online retailer other than ourselves.

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Textbook ordering is currently not available.
Last Updated 4/18/2014

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